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47 Ronin Events Specialist

When you’re planning to host an event, you want to put your best foot forward. At Special Event Company, our clever professional meeting and event planners operate with our clients to do just that. Based in Chicago, Illinois, our event planning team prides itself with the wide variety of programs and events we can offer to potential clients throughout the country.

For inquiries, please contact us through the e-mail address provided. For bookings and consultations, please go to our contact page. Our team will do our best to reply as soon as possible.

Meet the Team

. We congratulate ourselves on being perfectionists and giving ‘ultimate theme’ resolution to quality event presentation.

Alyssa Jenna Smith

Being an event planner her entire career, she wouldn’t know what to do otherwise. Alyssa Jenna Smith loves arranging and pull of events. She has an undying love for the agency that Becca and her established. She has organized almost 900 events varying from luncheons, bridal showers, wedding receptions, business meetings, exhibits, and much more.


In 2006, along with her business partner Becca, she launched 47 Ronin Events Specialist, a complete-service event planning, and consulting agency and has now managed more than 50 events per year.

Rebecca May Standford

Her career began in the entertainment industry as a Director for several major motion picture studios. Within those years, Rebecca has developed a concrete background in organization & logistics. This led her to become an event & meeting planner and consultant. Alyssa and I have achieved a level of professionalism that surpasses most of our clients’ and vendor’s expectations.

Why You Need to Do a Thorough Research Before Getting Personal Loans

Person in Dire Need of MoneyYou are cash strapped, but you need money to consolidate a loan. The interest rates for a credit card are soaring high, and it is not a good alternative. Personal loans are your next option.

Personal loans have different purposes like debt consolidation where you want to free yourself from credit card debt; remodel your home or home improvement loans; start a small business or personal loans for business; financing for eco-friendly projects.

This article tackles about personal loan basics and personal loans with bad credit.

Personal Loan Basics

Typically there is a secured personal loan and an unsecured personal loan. Secured personal loans offer reduced interest rates compared to an unsecured one. Secured personal loans mean you have to put up a collateral like a car or your home. That is if you are willing to risk your asset.

Unsecured personal loans are also known to be signature loans. You simply have to affix your signature and voila you can get your money. But expect the interest rates to be way higher than the secured personal loans.

Where Do You Get a Loan?

Tips on Getting Your Loan Application ApprovedYou can start from your bank. Reach out to the bank you are regularly dealing with and inquire or find out about their personal loan deals. If you are a valued client, there is big possibility that they will approve your loan. To be sure you have to get the rates of other lenders and compare with your bank.

Verify the interest rates of other lenders and what is the required credit score. The lower your credit score, the higher the interest rate they will peg for your personal loan. Check with Lending Tree and read LendingTree personal loans reviews here to get a better idea of their services.

Personal Loans for People with Bad Credit

When you have a bad credit score, or you are still trying to build a credit standing, what are your options for getting personal loans?

First, try to increase your credit score by paying all your credit cards or quit using your credit cards. Pay your utilities on time. Update your payments always. Bear in mind that a collection account even if it is settled will not remove it from your report. It stays there for at least seven years.

Here are other avenues for getting a personal loan:

1. Credit Unions

It is easier to get personal loans from credit unions because their credit standards are a little lenient than banks. You can join credit unions easily. There are credit unions which are community-based or profession based. They are nonprofit entities so they can offer loans at a lower interest rate.

2. Peer to Peer Loans

You can use these online platforms for borrowing money. These platforms enable borrowers to obtain loans from individuals. All transactions are done online. The downside with peer to peer loans are the high-interest rates, and they have strict qualifications before approving a loan.

3. Cosigned Loan

You can avail personal loans from lenders, but you must have co-signed who is willing be jointly liable to pay the loan with you.

Final Thought

Do your research well before signing above the dotted line. Check our for the best deals visit their website, engage with them and ask your friends.

Why Start a Photo Booth Rental Business

Do you want to start a business of photo booth rentals?

Photo booth rentals for weddings, 25th wedding anniversaries, birthdays, conventions, and other significant and memorable events have been given attention lately.

What If You Start Investing for a Photo Booth Rental?

You may think it can be risky for, once the customers avail for your photo booth rental, chances are they won’t avail for it again for a long period or worse, won’t avail of it again, because who would rent a photo booth in every event, right?

What is good about investing for a photo booth rental business is that photo booths are too expensive and are rarely used, so people don’t find the need to buy them. So if they hold special events, they prefer renting one. And since these special events are rare, they are willing to pay for the price. That means you don’t have to compromise for how much you charge for the photo booth rental, and that makes it a good investment.

And during events, event attendees will be taking snapshots on your booth with their friends, acquaintances, and relatives. And if they love the service that you are providing them, they may get you some time when they also hold their events. And your business spreads to a wider market.

Aside from That, Here Are Some Other Reasons Why Having a Business on Photo Booth Rentals for Events Are a Good Investment:

  1. They Are Still in Demand

Even if photo booths are already becoming more and more popular as time goes, people still find it to be new and worth a try even once, like a wedding event.

2. It’s Easy to Operate

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to run photo booths. Simple click a shot will do, as long as the photos look decent and are not blurry. Other skills that you will need are the basics in the computer, using a flash drive, and printing. You don’t really need so many creative skills to start for it.

3. You’ll Have More Time for Productivity and Leisure

Most events are held at night, so during the day, you can still have a full-time day job, another freelance venture, business, or any other things you can do to be productive. You can also spend it with your family, visit your dentist, and more. Be productive in the morning and earn in the evening.

4. It Gives You High Profits

You don’t have so many overhead expenses on a photo booth business, so, you will have more profit margins. Get your return on investment in a small span of time, and start earning with high profits in every event.

5. It Is Easy to Promote

Again, event guests can be your new clients in the future. And by uploading the photos in your website or social media page, your customers and guests can grab and share your photos with their friends, and that helps in promoting your business.


If you’re planning to start a photo booth rental business, don’t hesitate to do so. Get up, choose your kind of photo booths, purchase all the necessities, and start promoting it to people you know, Once you get one client, your business will then start to spread. Photo booth rentals are a good profitable business which adds more spice to every event.

Why a Photo Booth Rental Business Is a Good Investment

Social media has encouraged us to love photos. We pose for pictures, take selfies and upload it to our social media accounts. It has even become an important part of gatherings nowadays, giving birth to photo booths. Photo booths are very in demand during parties and events because it will not only capture memories but will also add to the fun.

Putting up a photo booth rental business is easier than you think. You’ll only need a handful of tools, guts, and lots of creativity. Here are the things you need to get your business started.

How to Start Your Photo Booth Rental Business

  1. You’ll need a DSLR camera, some back draft materials (or a booth), a laptop, a touch screen monitor and a printer. You can also search for existing photo booth businesses in your area offering a franchise, but they are rare and mostly expensive. You can always buy from scratch if you can’t find a good deal. Initial investment might cost around $5000, and that doesn’t include marketing and operational expense.
  2. Purchase or build a booth that is easy to assemble and carry around. There are ready-made booths that can be bought online or you can create your own backdrop by redecorating a simple projector screen stand. It is easy to set up and allows you to customize your backdrop according to the theme of the event.
  3. Camera. You don’t need an expensive camera for a simple photo booth. An average DSLR will do. When choosing a camera for your business, the ones with video capability are recommended. Set up a camera AC adapter so you can easily plug in your camera and won’t have to worry about your battery during the event.
  4. Laptop. Again, you won’t need to go over-the-top for this. What you need is a lot of memory space to store your pictures and videos and enough to run a software easily.
  5. A touch screen monitor works well for display and accessibility for the users. It can be mounted directly on the booth.
  6. Printer and software. A high-quality printer is a must for faster printing and better quality of photos. The DSLR Remote Pro from Breeze System is a user-friendly software that has touch screen capability and green screen capability.
  7. Transportation. It is also IMPORTANT to consider the mode of transportation. Having all these equipment need a safe method of transport, preferably an SUV or a mini-truck.
  8. Now that we’re done identifying major expenses, here are other expenses to be considered:
  • Supplies (paper, ink, and props)- You can always order in bulk cheaper paper and ink online.
  • Props like curtains, hats, and wigs for the clients are a great way to add fun to your booth.
  • Transportation gas
  • External Memory- you’ll be taking tons of pictures
  • Insurance
  • Legal papers
  • Contracts

9. Advertising. You can first start with your family and friends by asking for referrals to test the market. Setting up a website will greatly increase your market. There are also different platforms that you can use to promote your business such as social medias like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube (video promotions are quite popular these days). Google Places and advertising websites are also a great way to expand you market reach. Set up some paid ads in Groupon and Yelp.
Setting up any kind of business is difficult. But, as mentioned before, with lots of guts and creativity, you can always find ways to stand out.


Affordable Picture Booth Rentals for Any Occasion

In many events like wedding, birthdays, graduation parties, and other celebrations, it has become a trend today that event hosts rent a photo booth. Photo booths are fun, engaging, and creative souvenirs for the event guests. They have become so popular nowadays that you can find them everywhere, in every place you go.

If you are in New Jersey, finding a photo booth is not that difficult at all. Just search over the web, and you can find so many out there to choose from. But which is the one that can give you and your guests a top of the line experience?

Which among the many photo booth rental nj should you choose?

One of the top booth rentals in New Jersey today is the Inside Out Booth. It is a large open air booth which can accommodate as many as 20 people in group shots. You can even take a jump shot! They also provide a large LCD TV which allows people to see their faces and poses when taking shots. You can have an unlimited number of snapshots, and all of the photos will be uploaded online to your gallery for free.

What Photo Options Do They Provide?

They provide a top quality studio equipment with a 24-megapixel camera and best class printers and strobes. And they provide many ready-made layout designs, from colors and patterns to “shadowless white,” and even green screen layouts that you can choose from. Inside Out Booth also gives you the privilege to have them design your own preferred layout template, and it’s free of charge.

One of the reasons why Inside Out Booth is rated top among the many photo booth rental NJ companies is because of their customer service. Most of their clients give excellent feedback about their promptness, communication, professionalism, and quick results. Contact them for inquiries, and they respond so fast. They give you all the information and specifications that you will need. Ask them your other concerns, and they will address it all immediately.

Photo booth rentals

Templates and Group Picture Themes

During the event, templates are printed out in only a few seconds, and you can have your event souvenir photo right away, in high-quality 4×6 prints or 2×6 strips, whichever you decide. During the event, they provide you an enjoyable experience. The photo booth assistants are enthusiastic and interactive with the guests, and they even suggest to you which props to use and how to pose for more fun snapshots.

Inside Out Booth also offers their services in New York City and other surrounding areas. If you plan to celebrate an event in New Jersey, add more fun to your event by putting up a photo booth in your party. Not only does it give your guests photo souvenirs for the to take home, but it is also a chance for everyone to get interactive and get along with each other. Make your event a memorable one, with a whole entertainment experience by hiring the best photo booth rental in the place, the Inside Out Booth.

Renting a Photo Booth for Your Party or Event

Everyone wants their event to be the absolute best that it can be. We want our event to be the one that everyone remembers and talks about for years to come. No matter what the event is that you have coming up, be it a wedding, birthday party, or corporate event renting a photo booth can make the day memorable.

Affordable Photo Booth RentalsMaking Your Event Memorable

Remember going to the mall and climbing into one of those booths with your friends and taking silly pictures? You know, the ones where you made funny faces and laughed and laughed.

Or how about going with your sweetheart and taking pictures of you guys kissing each other and putting them on your mirror in your bedroom so that you could look at them and smile every time you saw them? That is exactly what a photo booth still is.

Most photo booths print between four and five pictures and usually print two copies of the photos. This allows two people to walk away with a set of the memories.

One of the great advantages of this is that if you are hosting a wedding then not only do your guests get to go home with a copy of their pictures, but you will also have a copy to keep with your guestbook.

Booth Rentals

Some photo booth rental companies also offer the ability to download copies of the photos that are taken so that you can download them and have even more copies made and printed out at a later date.

Conveniently placed picture booth

Lately, photo booth rental chicago is becoming more and more popular for our events. They offer a fun element that brings back nostalgic feelings of being a kid.

Most photo booth rentals offer high-quality pictures and a wide assortment of features. Some of the functions that are usually provided with these rentals are the ability to share your photos on social media and prop availability instantly.


Depending on which company you go through for your photo booth rental will determine exactly how customizable your experience will be.

Some companies offer various props, backgrounds that are digital so that there are more options available to you, and an array of picture layout options. This means that your experience can be unique, even if you’ve attended an event in the past that also offered a photo booth for guests.

Why Should You Rent One?

There are many reasons that you could decide that renting a photo booth is the right move for you and your event. Reading reviews on companies in your area is a great way to determine how happy you will be with the experience provided to you and your guests. Looking through a companies website will allow you to determine the services that they provide.

If it is paramount to you that a series of props are available to you and your guests then you will want to make sure that the company offers that. If it is more important that the ability to download the pictures so that you can have more copies made later is the most important requirement, then look for a company that offers that.

There are lots of photo booth companies that offer many, if not all, of these amenities that finding the right photo booth rental company for your next event shouldn’t be difficult.

3 Tips for Making the Best of Your Party or Event

When you were picturing your event, I imagine that you had all the details all planned out. You picked the best venue to fit your needs, selected the perfect menu, and spent forever laboring over all the decorations to make sure that every single thing was completely perfect. But while you were going over all these details, did you think about the entertainment that you were going to provide?

Choosing the Right Venue for Your Event

The venue that you choose is important to your get together because you do not want to have this large group of people crammed into a small space. That does not make for a fun time. You also do not want to have the exact opposite where you have a ton of space but not the guests to fill it in. Picking the perfect venue for your party is highly important.

Party Decorations

Making sure that you have selected the perfect menu is also something that you took the time to consider. If you are hosting a fancy wine tasting you do not want to serve hot dogs, do you? No, you are age going to select high-quality cheese with fruits and crackers to go along with your wines because you know that they will pair well together and because it is fitting to the type of celebration that you are having.

Theme Your Party with Decorations, Games and More

Catering sources for party venuesYou will have put considerable time and effort into determining the perfect decorations as well. You will have labored over which ones to purchase, or, if you are a more do-it-yourself kind of person, you will have spent hours making your decorations. Then, you will have spent the time and effort it takes to put them up and make sure everything is perfect.

If you have gone through all the hard work and trouble to make sure that all these things are perfect, then you will want to ensure that your entertainment is on par with the rest of your party. There are games that you can play, photo booths that you can rent, and if you are hosting a more exotic party you can even pay to have an acrobatic show come and entertain your guests!

Hiring Entertainment for Your Party Venue

Finding the perfect entertainment for your party is as easy as typing a few keywords into a search engine. Knowing what your budget is, and having an idea already formed as to what you want to provide, will help narrow down your search. You can also talk with some friends and family who have had success in the past with hiring outside entertainment and get their recommendations as to who they think would be a good fit for the occasion.

Making sure that your party is the best that it can possibly be is a tough job. There are party planners out there who would be more than happy to help you with your goals, and they would be able to alleviate some of the stress that you are feeling. We all want to have the party that no one can stop talking about, and remembering all the tiny details like food and decoration is just as important as having the right entertainment for the party.

Entertaining Parties with Mind Blowing Themes

Everyone wants their party to be the party that everyone talks about for years to come. We want everyone to remember all the great ideas that we had and the fantastic and original decorations that we put up. So when we are planning our parties, there are many sources that we can draw inspiration from, and tons of ideas out there for us to utilize.

Preparation and Decoration for Entertainment

When you are beginning to plan your entertainment for your party, you will need to take into consideration what kind of party it is going to be. If you are hosting a children’s party, then there will be different things you will want to do vs. a wedding.

Knowing the audience you will be catering to, and the theme that you want to go with, are important deciding factors in choosing the entertainment for your party.

You will also want to know how many people that are going to be attending your gathering. If it is going to be a small, intimate, get together you will not need near the number of decorations and entertainment.

Entertaining a wine partyIf you are hosting a small wine tasting with friends then beautiful wine glasses, a fruit and cheese platter, and some light music would be a perfect setting.

On the other hand, if you are hosting a wedding party, depending on how the couple is, you will want so much more. Choosing fun music to dance to, an open bar, and possibly even a photo booth would probably be more up the couples alley.

Entertaining Your Parties with a Proper Budget

Something else that is important to remember when you are planning your party and the entertainment is your budget. Yes, we all want to have the most memorable party, but staying within our budget is important.

There are so many DIY’s out there that can be utilized to help us create the mood that we want without breaking our bank account.

Also, you should remember that you do not have to be the only person who is responsible for the entertainment of a party. You can ask a few friends or relatives to help you out, and even if you are not comfortable asking for help, if someone offers their assistance then you should be willing to accept their help.

Music inspiration for your entertainment eventFinding Inspirations for Your Party

If you are looking for inspiration for your party and the entertainment the internet is a wonderful place to start. Websites like Pinterest have thousands upon thousands of ideas that can help you decide what you are looking for, and from there, show you exactly how to achieve the results that you want.

Wanting to have the perfect party that everyone remembers and talks about for years and years to come is entirely natural. We do it with children’s birthday parties, and with our weddings too.

We always want to be the talk of the town, and we want to make sure that our guests have the absolute best time possible at our events. Drawing inspiration from our friends, family and the internet are great ways to make this happen.

Coordinator: 100% focused on exceeding customer satisfaction.
Communication: Excellent written and interpersonal skills.
Team Oriented: Comfortable working in teams or cross-functionally.
Organization: Experience managing multiple projects, multitasking, while keeping organized.
Problem Solver: Finds creative ways to resolve issues and ensure success.