Why a Photo Booth Rental Business Is a Good Investment

Social media has encouraged us to love photos. We pose for pictures, take selfies and upload it to our social media accounts. It has even become an important part of gatherings nowadays, giving birth to photo booths. Photo booths are very in demand during parties and events because it will not only capture memories but will also add to the fun.

Putting up a photo booth rental business is easier than you think. You’ll only need a handful of tools, guts, and lots of creativity. Here are the things you need to get your business started.

How to Start Your Photo Booth Rental Business

  1. You’ll need a DSLR camera, some back draft materials (or a booth), a laptop, a touch screen monitor and a printer. You can also search for existing photo booth businesses in your area offering a franchise, but they are rare and mostly expensive. You can always buy from scratch if you can’t find a good deal. Initial investment might cost around $5000, and that doesn’t include marketing and operational expense.
  2. Purchase or build a booth that is easy to assemble and carry around. There are ready-made booths that can be bought online or you can create your own backdrop by redecorating a simple projector screen stand. It is easy to set up and allows you to customize your backdrop according to the theme of the event.
  3. Camera. You don’t need an expensive camera for a simple photo booth. An average DSLR will do. When choosing a camera for your business, the ones with video capability are recommended. Set up a camera AC adapter so you can easily plug in your camera and won’t have to worry about your battery during the event.
  4. Laptop. Again, you won’t need to go over-the-top for this. What you need is a lot of memory space to store your pictures and videos and enough to run a software easily.
  5. A touch screen monitor works well for display and accessibility for the users. It can be mounted directly on the booth.
  6. Printer and software. A high-quality printer is a must for faster printing and better quality of photos. The DSLR Remote Pro from Breeze System is a user-friendly software that has touch screen capability and green screen capability.
  7. Transportation. It is also IMPORTANT to consider the mode of transportation. Having all these equipment need a safe method of transport, preferably an SUV or a mini-truck.
  8. Now that we’re done identifying major expenses, here are other expenses to be considered:
  • Supplies (paper, ink, and props)- You can always order in bulk cheaper paper and ink online.
  • Props like curtains, hats, and wigs for the clients are a great way to add fun to your booth.
  • Transportation gas
  • External Memory- you’ll be taking tons of pictures
  • Insurance
  • Legal papers
  • Contracts

9. Advertising. You can first start with your family and friends by asking for referrals to test the market. Setting up a website will greatly increase your market. There are also different platforms that you can use to promote your business such as social medias like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube (video promotions are quite popular these days). Google Places and advertising websites are also a great way to expand you market reach. Set up some paid ads in Groupon and Yelp.
Setting up any kind of business is difficult. But, as mentioned before, with lots of guts and creativity, you can always find ways to stand out.