First Time Employee’s Guide: Pre Employment Drug Test

Are you planning to get a job? When was the last time you ever taken prohibited drugs or alcohol? For a first time future-employee, the latter question should not be taken for granted. Almost all companies are now doing a drug testing to their applicants and even to their employees.

Drug testing by companies varied on the law implemented to a specified state. The company must follow this rule before hiring anyone else. Some companies would only get drug test results and some would get both the alcohol and drug test results.

test allows the company to see the number of drugs and alcohol in your body

Pre-drug testing to employees

This should be done under the guidance of the law. No companies should just pick someone in the company and have him drug-test. Under the supervision and the rule of law, a company can and should consistently screen their employees. And, for the applicants, it is indicated that if a company should take a drug test, each and every applicant should be tested without exemption.

Company Drug Test Rule

There are some companies in the US that are conducting urine test to random employees and applicants. As an applicant, you need to get the details of companies conducting drug and alcohol tests. You can check companies or your friends to see if they have this regulation.

Prohibition of Substance Abuse

The law allows companies to conduct drug and alcohol tests to their employees but this should also be regulated. However, there are employees who have issues in substance abuse and this is what companies should look out for. Employees with this kind of condition are protected by the federal and state laws against disability and discrimination.

several types of test methods to be conducted on your body

Why Pass Drug Test?

If you want to have a stable job, you need to have a clean body. There are better ways on how to eliminate all the toxins inside your system.

There are several types of test methods to be conducted on your body.

Urine Test – Urine testing is the most common test being conducted by companies to their applicants and employees. This test allows the company to see the presence of drugs taken by someone not long before the application or office hours. Drugs like amphetamines, nicotine, cocaine, and others are measured in a urine test.

Hair – Hair shaft are effective parts of the body where technicians can measure the presence of drugs from a person. The method does not test the present use of drugs rather past use of drugs.

Mouth Swab – This type of test takes saliva out from your mouth. It’s also called a saliva test. The test conductor takes a swab of saliva to see if the applicant or the employee is taking drugs a few hours ago or two days ago. This is effective for companies who want to do a surprise drug test for their employees.

Blood test – This type of test allows the company to see the number of drugs and alcohol in your body. Prohibited drugs like amphetamines, cocaine, methamphetamines, nicotine, and opiate are just a few of the drugs that can be withdrawn in your blood.

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