Ronin Slot

This slot game is set in ancient Japan and your job is to hunt down rouge ronins. For each task that you complete, you will be rewarded. This includes collecting clues about rouge ronin hiding spots, finding items that belong to them and confiscating their horses. Ultimately, you might succeed in capturing one or more rouge ronins.

roninSome examples of the many special features that can help you along:

  • Wild Ronin
  • Scattered Ronin
  • Win multipliers
  • Re-spin
  • Free Spins round

Game developer

The slot Ronin was created by Real Time Gaming. Real Time Gaming is not very popular and there is only a low number of online casinos that feature RTG games. Examples of good casinos that feature RTG games includes PlayOjo, Ahti casino,  and casino extreme.  Casino Ahti is the best of these casinos.  Ahti is a Swedish Casino that features an English version that welcomes international players.

The basics

This is a 5-reel slot where each reel displays three symbols when it has stopped spinning.

There are 20 paylines.


You don’t need a big bankroll to enjoy this game, because the minimum wager is just $0.01 per round.

You decide how many paylines to activate, from 1 to 20.

The smallest bet per activated payline is $0.01 and the largest bet per activated payline is $0.25.

This means that even if you want to activate all twenty paylines, you can still bet as little as $0.20 per round.

The largest possible wager is $0.25 x 20 paylines = $5 per round.

Wild ronin

A ronin can go wild and cut through another symbol, which can be positive for you since the wild ronin can help you complete a winning combo.

ronin slot

Wild koku

The wild koku symbol can appear on the third reel, substituting for another symbol.

If the wild koku is included in a winning combo, it will also act as a 2x win multiplier.

Scatter symbol

If you get four scatter symbol ronins, anywhere on the reels, you earn 20x your total wager.

If you get five scatter symbol ronins, anywhere on the reels, you earn 500x your total wager.

Bonus rounds

Two ronins and one koku is required to trigger any of the three bonus rounds.

  • Bonus round #1: This bonus consists of 5 free spins, where the win multiplier increases one step for each free spin. It is possible to be gifted another 5 free spins, where the win multiplier for the last spin will be 10x.
  • Bonus round #2: This bonus consists of 25 free spins where a 3x win multiplier is active.
  • Bonus round #3: This bonus is a re-spin feature in which kokus symbols fill the entire third reel and the other four reels re-spin at least three times. The largest possible number of re-spins is ten.

Trivia: What’s koku?

The koku is a unit of volume. One koku is equal to 10 to. Converted to SI units, 1 koku is roughly 180 litres.

In feudal Japan, rice was measured in koku and the amount of koku produced by a feudal domain (han) determined the lord’s status at court. Under the Tokugawa shogunate of the Edo period (1603-1868), a feudal lord would no be considered a daimyo if his domain produced less than 10,000 koku of rice in a year. Back in those days, one koku of rice was considered enough to provide one person with rice for one year.

Many samurai were paid in rice, and their salary would thus be set in koku.